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This is about Jessica, isn’t it? It wasn’t your fault. If you wanna blame something, then blame the thing that killed her.

Or hell, why don’t you take a swing at me? I mean I’m the one that dragged you away from her in the first place.

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The end of the Ghostfacers

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It has to come full circle. 

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Vicki being the cutest mom ever

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jeff and britta + similar style


"Professor Duncan (John Oliver) makes his play for the former foot model (Gillian Jacobs) with the help of his buddy Jeff (Joel McHale). But maybe Jeff’s heart isn’t into it. Because maybe it wants Britta for itself." (x)


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no there’s no starting over
without finding closure
you’d take them back, no hesitation
that’s when you know you’ve reached
the sixth degree of separation

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